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Minnesota's Largest public safety labor union representing personnel throughout the state since 1977.

Labor contracts establish the terms and conditions of your employment, including wages, accrued leave, insurance, fringe benefits, standards for discipline within the workplace, and other employee “rights.”

That’s why it is vital that you have representation to negotiate labor contracts for safer working conditions and competitive compensation and benefits.
Concerned about being questioned regarding an incident which could lead to disciplinary action against you? Our members have the right to challenge any discipline brought against them through the grievance procedure. Discipline can include a verbal or written warning, unpaid suspension, demotion, or termination. Your employer can only discipline you if they have “just cause” to do so. This means the discipline has to be fair and warranted under the circumstances. Your LELS Business Agent and your local union steward will provide assistance through this process. In addition, elected stewards and officers are provided P.O.S.T. license training opportunities sponsored by LELS, as well as training, resources & events for all members.

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We negotiate labor contracts on behalf of over 6300 peace officers, corrections, dispatchers, firefighters & public safety personnel in over 411 locals.
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