MPPOA Legal Defense Fund Information

24 HOUR EMERGENCY NUMBER – (855) 533-6466

If you are involved in a critical incident you are entitled to legal representation. Contact the Legal Defense Fund immediately! See our attorney profiles.

A critical incident is defined as an action which arises from any act or omission within the scope of employment in which serious injury or death occurs; or, the discharge of a weapon is involved.

Also contact the Legal Defense Fund when:

  • you learn that you are the subject of a criminal investigation
  • you are served with a summons and complaint in a civil matter arising out of acts or omission within the scope of your employment
  • any licensing action is brought against you by the Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training, whether within the scope of employment or not.

You pay no out of pocket expenses. You pay no deductibles. There is no cap on legal costs to defend. Simply put, you will be provided the best defense for the cost of being a member of LELS.

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Difference Between Internal Investigation and Criminal Investigation – LDF and LELS Roles

Minnesota Legal Defense Plan Comparison Notes

  • All the organizations’ legal defense plans require membership in the association.
  • MPPOA membership dues per year: $152.00 for groups, $200.00 for individuals and $52.00 for associate members.
  • MPPOA LDF offers members 24-hour access to the top criminal defense attorneys in the State of Minnesota.
  • MN FOP exclusively uses the Fowler law firm for their Legal Defense Plan coverage.
  • MN FOP limit case expenses to a maximum of $5,000. Teamsters limits investigative fees to $5,000 and expert witness fees to $5,000. Case expenses include expert witness fees, transcript fees, appellate fees, private investigator fees, filing fees and miscellaneous costs associated with trial preparation and trial proceedings. A mid-level case averages $70,000 and a high-profile case with felony charges can exceed $400,000.
  • MPPOA provides coverage for all Essential and Non-Essential Members including dispatchers, corrections officers, firefighters, and public safety support professionals.
  • Teamsters provides coverage to Essential Members only.
  • Teamsters provides different coverage and has limitations if you choose to use a plan attorney or non-plan attorney.
  • MN FOP provides coverage to Essential Members only.
  • MPPOA and Teamsters provide coverage for off-duty incidents only if participant is acting within the scope of their employment.
  • Departmental disciplinary coverage is not covered by MPPOA because 98% of our members are represented in these matters by their union, for which they pay dues.