Message from Jim Mortenson, Executive Director

It is truly an honor to serve as your Executive Director. As a former patrol officer I understand how important it is to know that your union has your back each day you report to work. LELS supports you in several important ways, from negotiating competitive employment contracts to providing you with top-notch legal representation if you should ever need it.

As Minnesota’s largest public safety labor union, it is critical that we not lose sight of our core purpose, or mission. We must also continue to look for ways to become even more efficient and effective in providing services on your behalf. This roadmap to continued success starts with understanding our mission and vision. Recently our team has engaged in critical work to assess and update our formal mission and vision statements. These statements provide a clear outline of what LELS is today and where we aspire to be in the future. They represent the interests of all of our members, including licensed police officers, correctional officers, dispatchers, firefighters and public safety support personnel.

Please take some time to review our new mission and vision statements. We are proud to represent each of you and look forward to serving you soon.


Jim Mortenson